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A professional teeth whitening is a highly effective cosmetic treatment that is designed to enhance the color of a person’s teeth. Receive professional teeth whitening treatments from Snoqualmie Modern Dental Center today to achieve a brighter, more confident smile!

Teeth Whitening in Snoqualmie

White teeth are a major component of any beautiful smile. When a person’s teeth become dulled and discolored, it can ruin the look of their smile and affect their confidence. Professional teeth whitening treatments can be used to reverse this effect and brighten your smile. Snoqualmie Modern Dental Center offers top-quality whitening treatments using Opalescence and KöR whitening products. Just one treatment with either Opalescence or KöR can leave teeth up to eight shades whiter.

Professional teeth whitening works by flooding the teeth with powerful oxygen ions that are released from a hydrogen peroxide gel. These ions enter the inner structure of teeth and break down any stains and discoloration. Meanwhile, the main structure of the teeth will be left strong and intact. This complete process is entirely safe, and it is incredibly effective in breaking down any unwanted teeth discolorations. Most whitening treatments are finished in under an hour, and the results are immediately visible.

Is professional teeth whitening effective?

Professional teeth whitening is one of the most effective cosmetic dental treatments available. Just one appointment can leave the teeth up to eight shades whiter than before, and the results will be visible immediately.

Is professional teeth whitening safe?

Yes, professional teeth whitening is a very safe process. During treatment, the lips, gums and other areas of the mouth are covered up to prevent any unnecessary exposure. The patient is kept very comfortable and safe throughout the process. There are virtually no harmful effects of professional teeth whitening, and the treatment can be repeated if desired.

What whitening products do you use?

Snoqualmie Modern Dental Center offers whitening products from Opalescence and KöR. Our dental professionals can help you decide whether Opalescence or KöR is more suitable for your unique needs.

How long does whitening treatment take?

Most professional whitening treatments are completed in under an hour, with many being finished in less than 45 minutes. The patient is kept comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire process. Once treatment is complete, the whitening results will be immediately noticeable.

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Review from Ian R.
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Five stars

Ian R.

I switched after going to the same dentist for over 15 years, and I enjoyed every minute of my visit with Snoqualmie Modern Dental Care. Their customer service is a key focus for their success, and they do a wonderful job. Dr. Charles is exceedingly knowledgeable in his practice. They definitely now have a customer for life!
Review from Ryan P.
Five stars

Ryan P.

Dr. Chang and his staff are the best! He always takes the time to fully explain what's going on, address any questions, and make sure you're comfortable. His staff (Trang, Nikki, Grace, etc) are all super friendly, accommodating, and just great all around. Snoqualmie Modern Dental is hands down the best dentist I've been to, and would happily recommend them to anyone!
Review from Matt S.
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Five stars

Matt S.

Dr. Chang is the best dentist I have ever seen. I never thought I'd look forward to the next time I go to the dentist, but each visit is great. The entire staff is very organized, informative, and friendly. My experience with Snoqualmie Modern Dental Care ranges from routine cleaning to a root canal, and their work is incredibly top notch.
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Dr. Charles Chang DDS, MS
“I want to be known as the doctor who is efficient, funny, who cares… I don’t want to be famous among dentists, just famous among my patients.”

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