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If you are suffering from severe tooth loss, top-quality dentures from Snoqualmie Modern Dental Center can be used to replace your lost teeth. Our dentures will offer you the function and appearance of healthy teeth.

Dentures in Snoqualmie

Dentures are oral appliances that consist of prosthetic teeth held in place by a gum-colored base. They are worn inside a person’s mouth to offer the appearance and function of healthy teeth. While nobody wants to go through the experience of severe tooth loss, dentures can provide a very effective solution when this problem occurs. The dentures we offer are of the highest quality available, and they look almost indistinguishable from natural teeth. They also provide exceptional performance, as they assist greatly with basic everyday tasks like chewing food and speaking clearly.

Lacking a complete set of teeth can present a person with many challenges. It has also been proven that tooth loss can lead to further issues if it is left untreated. Some of the problems that are associated with tooth loss include bite imbalances, jawbone deterioration and facial structure loss. Dentures are effective in preventing these issues so that a person can continue to live a normal and healthy life. Our practice offers fixed dentures and traditional removable dentures.

What are dentures?

Dentures are artificial prosthetic teeth that are supported by a gum-colored base. A person will wear dentures to gain the appearance and function of healthy teeth. Just like natural teeth, dentures must be regularly cleaned and maintained. We offer fixed dentures and traditional dentures.

What are fixed dentures?

Fixed dentures are oral appliances that are permanently secured using dental implants that are inserted into the jawbone. Once fixed dentures have been installed, they can never be removed unless an oral surgery is performed. A good set of fixed dentures will last for a lifetime if proper care is provided.

What are the advantages of fixed dentures?

Fixed dentures tend to feel more natural than other types of dentures. The fact that they receive strong support from implants in the jawbone means that they are secure and stable.

What are traditional dentures?

Traditional dentures are removable oral appliances that remain securely in place using suction that is provided by gripping very tightly around the dental arch and any remaining jawbone. The dentures should remain steady whenever they are in use, and the user can take them out of the mouth whenever needed.

What are the advantages of traditional dentures?

Traditional dentures do not require any oral surgery. This means that a patient will not have to wait out any recovery period after receiving traditional dentures. The fact that traditional dentures can be easily removed makes them easier to clean than other types of dentures.

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Yichin L.

Nice and professional service! The dentist is very gentle and not pushing (for more spending). Besides the environment is clean and pleasant, a very good plus!

Elaine L.

This is by far the best Dental Care services I've got in the past ten years! Staffs are very welcoming over the phone and in person. Great scheduling experience btw (you know that could be REALLY frustrating sometimes) Truly impressed by how modern & clean the office is. Dr Chang was very clear and detail on the whole procedure, listens to my concerns, then explains all the options well with his big friendly smile! How important it is to feel relief and not criticizing by your own dentist! Snoqualmie Modern Dental Care took care of us so well!!! Glad we don't need to keep looking around for a good dentist anymore!

ZhongYin Z.

Nice, clean and professional experience! Highly recommended!
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